Innovate with Modern Campus: Great Lakes State Virtual Event

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Higher Ed Has Changed

And so should the systems you use 


Modern learners don’t fit neatly into a box. They could be 18 years old, coming from high school for a traditional experience, or 58 years old coming to the college for a micro-credential. The point is, they’re individuals. And no matter who they are, they’re seasoned consumers with high expectations. 
So why Modern Campus? We help you upgrade every corner of your institution to deliver the engagement and experience modern learners expect, with the tools modern administrators like you crave.

In this webinar you will:
  • Learn how Modern Campus can benefit your institution through higher ed specific solutions.
  • Learn how institutions in Michigan are thriving with Modern Campus Omni CMS.
  • Hear from other higher ed professionals in the Michigan area on their experience.


Presented by:

  • Reuben Pressman, Chief Product Officer | Modern Campus
  • Eric Hazen, Director of Digital Marketing | Ferris State University
  • Catherine Coe, Digital Marketing Manager | North Central Michigan College

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