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Control the chaos with Acalog, Curriculog, Section, Register, Career Pathways

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Simplify, Integrate, and Track Academic Operations



Connected Curriculum - Acalog

Acalog: Provide an Intuitive Catalog Experience


  • Deliver engaging program and course navigation with intuitive search for desktop, mobile, and tablet users 
  • Reduce your catalog production time by up to 75% 
  • Change once, publish everywhere instantly 
  • Keep students on track to graduate through Degree Planner

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Control the chaos with Modern Campus Connected Curriculum and simplify, integrate, and track your academic operations with Acalog, Curriculug, Section, Register and Career Pathways.


Over 800 Colleges and Universities Have Trusted Modern Campus


Implementing Acalog enabled us to pull together policies, procedures, and plans of studies all into one place. It allowed us to eliminate redundancy on departmental websites that may not be valid."

Associate Registrar - Purdue University

Curriculog allows us to create an audit trail of who made the changes and why. This helps us send it back to the originator when there are errors or missing information."

Registrar - Central New Mexico Community College

We're taking a project that — I’m not kidding you — probably took us nine months from start to finish down to four to six weeks, and I would say our errors went from 90% to 10%."

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs - Salt Lake Community College

Our students have busy lifestyles, many of them working with families. Register allows them to easily create a class schedule that fits their complex needs."


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