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Delivering a Seamless Digital Experience

Unlock your institution’s potential.



Modern learners have high expectations for the digital experience being offered by their colleges and universities. They’re experienced consumers and are not willing to jump through hoops to get enrolled and to persist through their courses and programs.

To address the engagement gap, and allow learners to focus their limited time and energy on learning (not bureaucracy), modern higher education providers need to focus on delivering a seamless digital student experience.

This eBook, developed with The EvoLLLution, shares a series of articles from college and university leaders reflecting on the impact a high-quality digital experience has on learner engagement, enrollment, retention and completion.

A seamless experience begins with the learner’s personal needs or goals, continues into guided and flexible learning experiences, and culminates in meaningful outcomes for the learner.

Quentin Ruiz-EsparazaAssociate Director of Online Duke, Duke University

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