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The Changing Role of Non-Degree Education

"As we face this quiet crisis, I think it is incumbent on us as CE leaders not to be quiet! We need to evolve to become “shift disturbers” – to drive change within our own institutions, our governments and our economy."

-Tracey Taylor-O’Reilly | Assistant Vice President of Continuing Studies, York University

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The EvoLLLution

Addressing the Modern Learner Engagement Gap

"Learner expectations have radically changed over the last decade, and most colleges and universities have been caught flat footed. The result has been a steady decline in the value of higher education. If you’re looking to transform your school’s business model and create more value over the next decade, start by looking at your phone.”

-Rob Westervelt | Vice President for Strategy and Innovation, Lindenwood University

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Modernizing the Higher Ed Customer Experience

"Most students who are looking for workforce education, non-credit courses, are not willing to systematically navigate a particular college’s website. If you don’t have a system that’s very user friendly and delivers a seamless experience, chances are that they’re going to become really frustrated.”

- Chris Moir | Executive Director of College Hospitality Services and Retail Operations, Cuyahoga Community College

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