Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Modern Campus values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are creating intentional opportunities for our growing team to think critically and educate each other to ensure that our community is engaged and responsive. We are committed to cultivating a workplace that is characterized by safety, collaboration, understanding, and support.
Team & Culture
Revamping all of our strategies - recruitment & hiring, onboarding & training - with an inclusive lens.
Partners & Product
Ensuring platform structure, data and content is as inclusive as possible with our clients and campus partners.
Sharing what we've learned in our company, at national conferences, and in the local community through our blog.

Current Initiatives

DEI Roundtable Discussion Series

The DEI Roundtables are formulated as a multidimensional, flexible space for conversation, education, collaboration, and accountability. With a combination of volunteer discussion leaders and educational DEI training, out of this space emerges the opportunity for Modern Campus to:

  • Educate ourselves on current DEI best practices
  • Share personal, lived experiences
  • Amplify and celebrate the voices within our community
  • Establish and determine standardized language around these issues

Collaborative DEI Recommendations

To address the visions of our team at Modern Campus, we have established a collaborative DEI recommendation process. Often resulting from conversations had in the DEI Roundtable Series and foundational DEI efforts, participants:

  • Collaboratively draft DEI suggestions tailored to each level of the company
  • Implement recommendations into personal and professional lives

DEI Resource Center

In an effort to centralize access to DEI resources, we have established a DEI Resource Center. This virtual workspace encourages our team members to contribute to and engage in a number of opportunities. The Resource Center includes a company wide SharePoint site that contains:

  • Suggested DEI trainings
  • Suggested DEI certification programs
  • Educational modules
  • DEI toolkits
  • DEI discussion guidelines
  • DEI roundtable materials
  • Reading lists
  • DEI glossaries of terminology and concepts

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