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Connect Websites, Campus Systems, and Students with Your Catalog

With our Catalog software, take students on an engaging curriculum journey that starts with career goals and keeps them on track with planning tools, without compromising your catalog management process and efficiency.



Online Course Catalog Software - Acalog - More than just a PDF Catalog

Modern students expect more than just a PDF course catalog


  • Deliver engaging program and course navigation with intuitive search for desktop, mobile, and tablet users.
  • Add photos, links to videos, and other rich media to make your catalogs more interactive.
  • Keep your old, archived catalogs rich and user friendly through Acalog.



Over 800 higher ed institutions thrive with Modern Campus Acalog



Acalog customers experienced a 75% reduction in catalog production time



Acalog customers decreased occurrence of errors by 89%

SIS Integrations Made Easy


Seamlessly communicate to and from your SIS with either our direct or file-based integration option. Extend the ‘change once publish everywhere’ feature to your SIS and rest easy knowing your data is always up to date.

For institutions with Jenzabar or other SIS solutions, we offer a custom file option that allows your team to upload data at their own pace.

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The Modern Campus Advantage

Serve students across their entire journey, from exploration to registration.


Web Content Management | Omni CMS

Integrate Acalog with the #1 CMS choice in higher ed and enhance digital experience.

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Curriculum Management | Curriculog

Seamlessly manage curriculum with Curriculog and publish data with Acalog.

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Class Schedule Management | Section

Plan and schedule classes through Section.

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Student Schedule Optimization | Register

Allow students to select desired courses from Acalog and optimize their schedule in Register at once.

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Career Pathways Planning | Pathways

Empower students to understand the ROI of courses and programs without leaving your website.

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Omni CMS + Acalog

Supercharge Your Catalog Presentation with the Omni CMS connector.

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Modern Campus

Customer Obssession

We’ll collaborate to understand your unique requirements, share our best practices, integrate seamlessly with your environment – and deliver value.


With over 20 years of experience working with diverse academic institutions, Modern Campus Catalog Management can be integrated with leading student information systems (SIS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, including PeopleSoft, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian Colleague, and more.


An experienced implementation team will be dedicated to your project start-to-finish. It takes about 3-4 months on average. This is 50-75% of implementation time required for other solutions in the market.



Implementing Acalog enabled us to pull together policies, procedures, and plans of studies all into one place. It allowed us to eliminate redundancy on departmental websites that may not be valid."

Associate Registrar - Purdue University

Since the campus-wide rollout, positive reviews have been received from advisers and faculty about the simplicity of catalog production with Acalog."

Assistant Provost - UNC Charlotte

We're taking a project that — I’m not kidding you — probably took us nine months from start to finish down to four to six weeks, and I would say our errors went from 90% to 10%."

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs - Salt Lake Community College

When the product was delivered, we were taken back. Our breath was taken away, really. Oh my goodness, this looks better than our own website."

Registrar - Furman University

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