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Whenever your institution needs external design support, let our experts help you – with full understanding of your Modern Campus product, we will provide the best solution that your team can adopt, customize and scale easily.



Design Studio - Modern Campus Product Support

Enhance Design Capability of Your Modern Campus Products


  • Migrate your original content into Modern Campus products swiftly through Design Studio.
  • Seamlessly implement templates and reusable content from Modern Campus CMS. Design Studio can help you with QuickStart, Design Library, and Melody™ Library.
  • Personalize CMS templates for your institution's unique needs - our experts can help you customize.
  • Improve your Lifelong Learning public-facing website as we provide excellent design outcomes in the most efficient way.


Case Study

It’s so much easier to use an internal designer than to find someone outside of Modern Campus. The Design Studio team is great to work with, you can use your DAP budget and they can turn over the design custom made for the CMS platform. They’ve helped me with two projects already and I highly recommend them."

Web Content Specialist, Delgado Community College - Delgado Community College

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Case Study

Project: Homepage migration and redesign"

University of Northern Colorado - University of Northern Colorado

UNC recently implemented Modern Campus Omni CMS and they wanted to quickly make their website available through the new CMS. We helped the school with redesign of their home page and migration of existing content.

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Case Study

Project: Navigation Menu Design and Accessibility Enhancement"

Westminster College - Westminster College

Westminster College had an accessibility issue with thier web page navigation menu. We have identified the issue and addressed this through CSS and HTML to resolve it under 4 hours.

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Modern Campus Developer Assistance Program supports design projects through Design Studio.


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