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How to Govern Digital Credentials Using Blockchain Security

October 6 at 2 PM ET | 11 AM PT

Digital credentialing is one of the hottest topics in higher education industry today. Destiny One already offers robust digital credentialing opportunities and we are proud to expand that through our partnership with BCdiploma, a leading digital credential solution provider that uses blockchain security to deliver forgery proof credentials that you can issue in 2 clicks. Learn how you can use this solution through a Destiny One Connector. During this webinar, Chad Rowe of Modern Campus and Alexis Berolatti from BCdiploma will discuss:

  • The value of digital credentials
  • Why Modern Campus Destiny One has partnered with BCdiploma
  • How BCdiploma benefits your institution, students, and employers
  • How to leverage the BCdiploma Connector for Destiny One

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Webinar Speaker

Chad Rowe

Chad Rowe | VP of Product Management, Modern Campus

Webinar Speaker

Alexis Berolatti

Alexis Berolatti  | Co-founder & COO, BCdiploma


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