Scaling Non-Degree Education

Unlock your institution’s potential.




Lifelong learning is the future of higher education, and colleges and universities can no longer rely on traditional-aged student enrollments. With the adult student population growing at twice the rate as the traditional-aged student population, this demographic shift will likely continue to trend into the future.  

To address this demographic shift, modern education providers need to provide opportunities for learners to earn credentials at their own pace in order to stay relevant in the workforce. This will not only serve your mission, but also sustainably drive enrollment and retention rates.

This eBook, developed with The EvoLLLution, shares a series of articles from college and university leaders reflecting on the impact scaling non-degree education has on learner engagement, enrollment, retention and completion.

Our model for the longest time was that you go and get an education,get a job and never return. That’s less and less true now.

Anthony CarnevaleDirector of the Center on Education and the Workforce, Georgetown University



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