Higher Ed Website Design Workshop #1

May 29 at 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

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There's great news about higher education websites: 93% of high school students say they visit them during their college search.
But there's also disappointing news: the same students say they have a lot of frustrations with most institutional websites, which frequently cause them to leave those pages. Top frustrations include ‘hard to find information about specific programs’ and ‘confusing directions related to the admission process’.
How does your institution stack up? Join our free workshop to find out! Design experts from Modern Campus will  audit and provide feedback on websites live. Plus, they'll offer tips on web design best practices and trends, and demonstrate how Modern Campus CMS makes implementation easy and rewarding.
Why  you should attend:
  • To share an exciting website design initiative you've working on or talk through a design challenge you're facing with our design experts
  • To be inspired by your peer institution's website ideas, practices and tips


  • Meghan Hakey | VP of Business Development at Modern Campus (Host)
  • Eric Butler | Senior Account Manager at Modern Campus

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