How North Island College Saves Time Reviewing and Approving Curriculum While Boosting Collaboration

April 16 at 1 PM ET | 10 AM PT

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Does your curriculum management process ever feel chaotic? Does it lack transparency across multiple departments? 

Join our free webinar — designed exclusively for Canadian professionals — for a discussion with Barb Biggs, Education Council Vice Chair & Curriculum and Calendar Systems Technician at North Island College. Barb will share how her institution re-vamped their approval process and increased collaboration across departments while saving time on managing proposals. She will also provide top tips, tricks and advice for efficient curriculum management.

What you’ll learn:

  • How North Island College—a community college located primarily on Vancouver Island—transformed its catalog and curriculum management processes
  • Practical advice for managing your catalog and curriculum efficiently and effectively
  • How Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum foster North Island College’s innovation and success

Who should attend:

  • Higher education professionals at Canadian institutions looking to network and learn from other institutions in their region 
  • Registrars, Curriculum Coordinators and Academic Affairs professionals
  • Any higher education professional involved in managing their institution’s curriculum or catalog data
  • Higher education professionals looking to improve their curriculum management processes

Webinar Speakers

  • Barb Biggs, Education Council Vice Chair & Curriculum and Calendar Systems Technician | North Island College
  • Holly Luky, Account Executive | Modern Campus
  • Seattle Revello, Solutions Marketer | Modern Campus

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