Navigating Ohio's Higher Education Landscape: Syllabus Accessibility and Senate Bill 83

April 23 at 12:30 PM ET | 9:30 AM PT

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Senate Bill 83, which is advancing in the Ohio House of Representatives, would require Ohio colleges and universities to provide public access to syllabi within three clicks. Modern Campus invites you to join us for a free webinar to explore the bill’s potential impact and discover practical solutions.

Kim Kiehl, Coordinator of Academic Information at Edison State Community College, will help showcase how institutions can leverage Modern Campus Catalog, formerly known as Acalog, to seamlessly integrate syllabus data within course descriptions at no additional cost.

Why you should attend:

  • Gain insights from Kim Klein regarding her firsthand experience with Modern Campus Catalog
  • Learn how Edison State Community College is proactively prepared for Senate Bill 83's potential passage
  • Explore best practices and efficient options for effectively managing and displaying course, program and syllabus data

Webinar Speakers

  • Kimberly Kiehl, Coordinator of Academic Information at Edison State Community College
  • Sara Nelson, Senior Regional Director at Modern Campus
  • Seattle Revello, Solutions Marketing Manager at Modern Campus
  • Billy Heath, Account Manager at Modern Campus

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