Exploring the State of Continuing Education 2024

April 30 at 3 PM ET | 12 PM PT

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Across North America, Continuing Education units are leading the way in evolving to meet learners’ changing needs, expectations and demands. The State of Continuing Education 2024 —conducted by The EvoLLLution and UPCEA, in partnership with CAUCE and Modern Campus—found that 54% of CE administrators believe that their unit is the most academically innovative at the institution, yet 61% disagree that their unit is seen as academically equal. 

Join our panelists of esteemed Continuing Education leaders for a lively discussion of this perspective gap and other insights on the state of the industry, as we dig deeper into the just-released report.

What our panelists will discuss: 

  • How a lack of enrollment metrics and real-time data impact CE program progress 
  • Changes in the significance of time and resource constraints 
  • How Continuing Education units are scaling their course and section management 
  • Why it’s so important to earn continued support and buy-in from senior leadership at your institution 

Who should attend:

  • Continuing Education, Workforce Development and Corporate Education leaders, administrators and support staff  
  • Anyone interested in understanding the emerging trends, current challenges and top successes of Continuing Education units across North Americas 
  • Higher education professionals hoping to understand the perspectives of their colleagues who work with non-traditional learners and programs


Dave Cillay, UPCEA Board President | Washington State University

Dave Cillay
UPCEA Board President
Washington State University

Rod Lastra, CAUCE President | University of Manitoba

Rod Lastra
CAUCE President
University of Manitoba

 Marc Austin | Executive Director of Professional Education and Academic Ventures, George Mason University

Catherine Finnegan
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research & Reporting
Virginia Community College System

Amrit Ahluwalia | Editor in Chief, The EvoLLLution: A Modern Campus Illumination

Shauna Cox
The EvoLLLution: A Modern Campus Illumination

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