Supercharge Your Digital Credential Strategy With Credly® And Modern Campus Lumens

OCTOBER 17, 2023 | 3PM EST

Unlock your institution's potential.






Webinar Summary:

In today’s market, there is an ever-growing skills gap that businesses are continuously trying to tackle. Fortunately, alternative and digital credentials are the ideal solution for bridging that gap.

Here's what digital credentials can offer:

  • High-level flexibility
  • Cost efficiency
  • Swift implementation

Essentially, they provide the key elements that not only potential employees are seeking to demonstrate their skills, but also something employers can trust.

Join representatives from Credly and Modern Campus as we share solutions to transform your organization’s digital credentialing strategy. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to connect Lumens to the Credly platform and seamlessly issue digital badges to learners as they complete offerings.

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