Higher Ed Web Design Lunch & Learn

March 30, 2023 12:00PM ET

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Higher Ed Website Design Lunch & Learn

Join this webinar for a discussion about all things web design! We will be reviewing higher ed websites that are leading the way with design in detail & evaluating what key elements make their page stand out. The discussion will be centered around how to make an engaging and interactive web design for your students, web design trends, and Modern Campus tools for web design through Omni CMS.

We also will be joined by Charley Allen – Dunn, Director of Web Management and Digital Marketing from Murray State University, to walk us through the design of her website and how it was designed with their end user’s experience in mind.

Considering a web redesign? Or wondering when to know when it’s time? This session is a great opportunity to also ask questions to our design team who have experience leading several higher ed website design projects.



Presented by:

  • Charley Allen- Dunn, Director of Web Management & Digital Marketing | Murray State University
  • Nick Catto, Director of Design | Modern Campus
  • Jess Sanchez Williams, UI Designer | Modern Campus
  • Seattle Revello, Solutions Marketing Manager | Modern Campus

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