The Student Engagement Playbook: Taking Your Student Communication & Co-Curricular Opportunities to the Next Level

June 25 at 2 PM ET | 11 AM PT

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Today’s students are eager to find deeper personal meaning in their collegiate experiences beyond the classroom and to leverage campus services to their maximum potential. Yet, institutional processes can be overwhelming to understand and navigate; students often don’t know how to best get involved or connect with the right support staff.

That’s why we built the Modern Campus Student Engagement Suite. Join us as we dive into the key features and tools that are helping hundreds of universities and colleges better connect with, engage and retain their learners.

Topics include:

  • Conversational Text Messaging with Modern Campus Message: Discover how automated, personalized communication can revolutionize the ways you manage student outreach and promote engagement.
  • Boosting Student Participation with Modern Campus Involve: Learn top strategies for increasing student involvement by pairing your ambitious goals and unique initiatives with our innovative technologies.
  • Success Stories: Learn how colleges and universities of all sizes, types and regions have smartly leveraged the Modern Student Engagement Suite to drive impressive outcomes.

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Webinar Speakers

  • Amy Sterling | Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at Modern Campus
  • Meghan Hakey | VP of Business Development at Modern Campus

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