July 28, 2022 at 12pm ET

Articulating the Value of Co-Curricular Learning


Unlock your Institution's Potential




Webinar Summary:


Demonstrating workforce readiness is a crucial part of the modern learner journey. 85.5% of employers want to see new college graduates with excellent problem-solving skills and nearly 77% of hiring managers expect graduates to demonstrate other key skills like teamwork and leadership. These essential skills are frequently developed and advanced outside of the classroom through co-curricular engagement opportunities, such as through campus events, student organizations, internships, campus employment and service-learning projects.

Join Modern Campus’ Director of Product, Mike Janofsky, and Director of Field Engagement and Solutions Marketing, Meghan Hakey as we explore best practices for measuring co-curricular learning and how the power of SmartTranscript has helped thousands of students confidently articulate their skill development outside of the classroom.


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Charles Parsons headshot
Mike Janofsky

Director of Product | Modern Campus

Meghan Hakey headshot
Meghan Hakey

Director of Field Engagement & Solutions Marketing | Modern Campus


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