How To Build Community and Engagement Using a Centralized, Interactive Calendaring System


Unlock your instituion's potential.




Check out the new and improved Omni CMS Calendar 2.0. New, more robust calendar features, seamless integration and easy-to-use workflow management and user permissions are just a few of the product upgrades that set our new calendar apart.

In this webinar, we discuss how the improved Omni CMS Calendar meets customer needs with a streamlined and efficient process for managing calendars, including:

  • Submitting calendar items to multiple event feeds
  • Receiving calendar submissions from external sources
  • Using the new workflow process, user set up and maintenance

Watch now to see how your institution can build community and engagement using Omni CMS Calendar. 

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Webinar Speaker

Ari Mattson

Ari Mattson

UI/UX Designer, Modern Campus




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