How to Enhance Your Acalog Investment to Simplify the Registration Process

WEBINAR | November 3, 2021

Unlock your institution's potential.





Providing a best-in-class, interactive catalog experience is the first step of a successful student journey. Your next goal as an innovative institution should be to offer a streamlined registration process so that students can personalize their schedules around other commitments such as jobs and commute times. Giving students flexibility in their weekly schedules dramatically reduces the time and stress that usually accompanies registration. In this webinar, Alan Weeks of Register, a Modern Campus Company discusses: 

  • Nagging issues in the current registration process 
  • The importance of personalization and automation
  • How Student Register optimizes and simplifies the student journey
  • How Register fully integrates with Acalog



Webinar Speaker

Alan Weeks

Alan Weeks

VP, DIGARC Register, a Modern Campus Company



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