February 2, 2022

How To Increase Student Engagement by 300%


Unlock your institution's potential.




Are you using the right tools to meet your students where they are?

After 2 ½ years of switching between virtual, hybrid, in-person engagement, and back again - we've become naturals at pivoting to the programs our students need. We've been following hundreds of institutions test different ways to keep their students engaged no matter where they are. For some, that meant increasing their engagement by over 300%.

Join Presence: A Modern Campus Company as we dive into some of the best practices we've seen for ensuring student connection and community building.


Who should watch?

  • Any student affairs professionals or those responsible for campus life, engagement, or co-curricular areas of campus.


Webinar Speakers

Meghan Hakey

Meghan Hakey

Director of Field Engagement, Modern Campus

Luke Burton

Luke Burton

Director of Demand Generation, Modern Campus


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