How to Make Your Higher Education Website More Accessible


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Digital accessibility compliance means that differently-abled people can access and navigate your website. This increases your site’s potential audience, which translates into more potential students—and ultimately an increase in enrollment. 

On the flip side, the consequences of inaccessibility are considerable. Legal fees for higher ed institutions involved in accessibility lawsuits can approach $1 million—and schools that aren’t compliant have experienced 17 times the number of lawsuits from students with disabilities. 

This webinar highlights how personalization positively impacts your school’s digital accessibility. You’ll learn:

  • 5 steps to solve common accessibility issues
  • The importance of WCAG standards
  • How personalization supports digital accessibility 

Becoming and staying accessible requires constant monitoring of your college or university website. This webinar will help you get on the right path to maintaining your website’s compliance with ADA standards.

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Webinar Speaker

JR Severn

JR Severn

Team Lead, Development, Modern Campus




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