How To Personalize Your Web Experience with Omni CMS Instinct™


Unlock your institution's potential.





Does your higher ed website offer personalized experience for visitors? Today’s modern learners are savvy web users, and they are accustomed to digital experiences that offer a great deal of personalization. Rather than searching for information and clicking through multiple pages to find what they want, learners expect websites to intuitively provide the information they want and desire—up front.  

Listen to this recorded webinar to find out how Modern Campus Omni CMS Instinct™ makes it easy to personalize your visitors’ web experience.  

You will learn: 

  • Personalization through Omni CMS 
  • How to use Personalization in Omni CMS 
  • Differences between free and paid versions of Instinct 

Webinar Speakers

  • Rich Paul, Senior Solutions Engineer at Modern Campus
  • Eric Butler, Account Manager at Modern Campus

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