How to Strengthen Relationships to Drive Workforce Development and Credential Attainment


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Higher education institutions across the United States are playing a leading role in helping their states reach a 60% or higher attainment rate. This goal supports a more educated citizenry and ensures states are prepared for the demands of a fast-changing labor market. Like many states, Texas has set a credential attainment target of 60%, and continuing and workforce education divisions at colleges and universities across the state are playing a leading role in achieving that goal.

Almost $100M in state funding is being put toward rapidly expanding institutions’ capacity for high-value education, as well as adult learner outreach and accelerating enrollments for critical student populations. Many higher education leaders in Texas are using this emergency funding to provide continuing and workforce education divisions the resources they need to bring more adults in the door—a lesson that all institutions can learn from as the need for workforce-centric education continues to grow. 

Watch this webinar to hear how leaders across Texas are expanding relationships with employers, with students and with faculties across their own campuses to achieve credential attainment and workforce development outcomes.

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Webinar Speakers

Amrit Ahluwalia

Amrit Ahluwalia | Editor in Chief, The EvoLLLution

Sarah Janes

Sarah Janes | Associate Vice Chancellor of Continuing and Professional Development, San Jacinto College

Lisa Kays

Lisa Kays | Senior Director of Professional Development, Southern Methodist University

Dr. Sammi Morrill

Sammi Morrill | Associate Vice Chancellor of Operations, Economic and Workforce Development, Alamo Colleges District

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