MARCH 29, 2022 AT 1PM ET

Lumens 2021 Year in Review and What's New in 2022

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Webinar Summary:

It’s been an interesting year for a lot of folks here today, least of all for ourselves at Modern Campus Lumens. But aside from the ups and downs you saw at your institutions as the year pushed on—and the changes you might’ve noticed to our name—we covered a LOT of ground in our webinars throughout 2021. The hope is always that you’ll take the lessons learned here and use them to continue driving efficiency and engagement well after we’re done. And from the feedback we received in 2021, that seems to have worked!

In this webinar, we’ll get a bird’s eye view of everything we covered last year, and the earlier part of this year. You’ll get an overview of how to better use Lumens in your registration process, your prerequisite management, template management and various enhancements to your workflows; from student login configurations to certificate groupings. We’ll also go over some key integrations with applications like Credly and ed2go, as well as getting any assistance you need through Zendesk.

Let’s get started!


Webinar Content:

  • Registration 
  • Prerequisites
  • Template Management 
  • Assorted Enhancements
  • Integrations
  • Certificates Enhancements
  • Zendesk



Sarah Hoemberg

Sarah Hoemberg

Lumens Product Manager, Modern Campus


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