State of Continuing Education 2021: Avoid the Engagement Gap


Unlock your institution’s potential.




The pandemic and recession that followed accelerated a number of slowly simmering trends across higher education, and brought the importance of continuing education and workforce development to the forefront. Higher education providers of all descriptions realized they needed to modernize the digital learner experience. What’s more, it became imperative to improve program relevance and diversity.

In this web event, a panel of college and university leaders reflects on the key findings from The EvoLLLution’s “State of Continuing Education 2021” survey and shares their thoughts on the future of our industry.


Web Event Speakers

Tom Bornhorst
Tom Bornhorst, Vice President of Corporate Development, Applied Research and International, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)

Tom Bornhorst is currently Vice President of Corporate Development, Applied Research and International at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). He has been with SAIT since 2000. In his current role, he oversees SAIT’s corporate development initiatives, industry-based applied research and technology development, and international student recruitment.

Rob Westervelt
Rob Westervelt | Vice President for Strategy and Innovation, Lindenwood University

Rob Westervelt is currently Vice President for Strategy and Innovation at Lindenwood University. Prior, he spent 12 years at George Fox University serving in roles such as Vice President for Marketing Communications. Prior to George Fox, he served at Biola University for 10 years.

Amrit Ahluwalia
Amrit Ahluwalia | Editor in Chief, The EvoLLLution

Since 2011, Amrit Ahluwalia has been the Managing Editor and now Editor in Chief of The EvoLLLution, an online newspaper founded by Modern Campus, focused on transforming the postsecondary marketplace. Amrit works personally with every contributor at The EvoLLLution to produce content that's become the top resource for non-traditional higher education.


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