State of Continuing Education 2022: Driving Sustained Impact


Unlock your institution's potential.





The higher education space is transforming rapidly, and there’s significant opportunity for leaders who position their institution to unlock the power of lifelong learning. Traditional enrollment in degree programming is falling rapidly and the demographic cliff suggests this is no short-term trend. At the same time, the number of adults who require access to postsecondary education is rising at a steady and significant trajectory.

Watch as leaders from Harvard University, University of Calgary and Alamo Colleges District come together to reflect on the results of this year’s State of Continuing Education survey, conducted in partnership between University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), Modern Campus and The EvoLLLution.

During this webinar you will learn about the major trends in socio-economics reshaping higher education, including:

  • Why the number of adults requiring to postsecondary education is rising -- and at what rate.
  • How higher education institutions can leverage their continuing and workforce education units to position themselves for sustainable growth.
  • What challenges these units face when trying to scale and collaborate across campus.


Webinar Speakers

  • Nancy Coleman Ed.D.
    Dean of the Division of Continuing Education and University Extension at Harvard University

  • Sheila LeBlanc, DBA
    Director of Continuing Education at University of Calgary

  • Sammi Morrill Ph.D.
    Associate Vice Chancellor of Operations, Economic & Workforce Development at Alamo Colleges District

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