State of Continuing Education 2024 Report

Research by The EvoLLLution and UPCEA, in partnership with CAUCE and Modern Campus

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Continuing, professional, and workforce education units play a pivotal role in assisting colleges and universities navigating the complexities of today's higher education landscape. This includes meeting the growing needs of adult learners, whose significance and requirements are continually evolving, as well as augmenting revenue streams.

Modern Campus—in partnership with UPCEA, the EvoLLLution, and CAUCE—surveyed professionals from across North America about the top challenges, trends and opportunities they're facing in 2024. Complete the form to download the full State of Continuing Education 2024 report and see how your institution compares.

Research by The EvoLLLution and UPCEA, in partnership with CAUCE and Modern Campus


A few highlights:


Some Good News

Exponential Surge

  • 45% of respondents agree their unit has appropriate staffing required to execute their goals, nearly double from 23% in 2023.
  • 81% agree that they have support and buy-in from senior academic leadership to scale and expand.

Room For Improvement

Access to Data 

  • 48% do not know enrollment numbers for their online and professional education units.
  • 29% agree it is easy to access real-time enrollment data.

Bridging the Gap

  • 54% believe their unit is the most academically innovative at the institution, yet
  • 61% disagree that their unit is seen as academically equal.

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