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3 Reasons Your Students Need Stronger Co-Curricular Engagement

Why It’s Essential To Your Student’s Immediate And Long-Term Outcomes

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In-class learning isn’t enough for most modern learners. 

Does your institution have the framework for robust co-curricular learning? 

Download 3 Reasons Your Students Need Stronger Co-Curricular Engagement to learn: 

  • How strong co-curricular engagement empowers your students to articulate key skills to employers.  
  • Why out-of-class learning is an increasing necessity for student retention. 
  • How co-curricular engagement can improve performance in-class, and increase student satisfaction.

This sense of belonging and appreciation drives student engagement. If a student can see themselves spending time with others in the community, attend well-intended campus events and develop deeply rooted connections, they will want to stay the course and finish their degree.

Cody GarrisonDirector of Student Life, Oklahoma City Community College, California Institute of the Arts

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