February 29th, 1pm ET | 10am PT

How to Build a Website Personalization Strategy for Higher Ed

Unlock Your Institution's Potential

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Event Summary:

Web personalization is crucial for any college or university looking to attract and engage modern learners. 44% of Gen Z students say they'll leave a website if it doesn't display the personalized content they're seeking.

Yet, 60% of students say their higher ed institution delivers the least personalized digital experiences of all the brands they engage with online​.

We understand the challenges; personalizing your website can seem intimidating and infeasibly time consuming. But it doesn't have to be either. Join us for a free webinar in which we'll share a realistic step-by-step guide for designing your website personalization strategy. Modern Campus Project Manager Adam Huenecke will share his top insights, tips and tricks, which have helped numerous colleges and universities attract modern learners via personalization.

This interactive webinar will also explore the personalization trends that resonate with today's learners most and dive into the barriers institutions sometimes face during execution.


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