Instinct Workshop 3 | Personalize Your Website Using Instinct: College Fit Edition


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Instinct Personalization Workshop 3


Quick & Easy Personalization with Modern Campus Workshop 

Personalize Your Website Using Instinct: College Fit Edition


College students who feel like they belong or fit in on campus and with their peers are more likely to succeed in college than those who don’t. Creating a personalization campaign for students to find their college fit with Omni CMS Instinct is quick and easy. Watch this webinar recording as Kimberly Prieto, VP of Product at Modern Campus, walks through each step of this specific use case.

This is the third in a series of eight workshops about personalization through Omni CMS powered by Instinct. Check our events page for upcoming sessions.



  • Kimberly Prieto, Vice President of Product | Modern Campus
  • Deepika Chhabra, Product Manager | Modern Campus


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