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How to Maximize Enrollment, Retention and Re-Engagement

Unlock your institution’s potential.




Prospective students are your customers, and if your college or university is going to win the admissions and recruitment game, you’ve got to put their considerations, needs and concerns front and center in all your outreach, application and enrollment efforts.

This report highlights data from the 2021 Ruffalo Noel-Levitz E-Expectations Trend Report underscoring why personalization is critical to nurturing the digital student experience at each of these crucial stages of the student journey: 

e-expectations report
  • College Research: How do I begin my college research? 
  • Sense of Place: Which college is the best fit for me? 
  • Career Pathways: Where will my degree take me? 
  • Personalized Digital Engagement: “Where’s the info I need now?

Download the report now to put the data to work for your institution. 


Meet Modern Campus

Powered by Omni CMS, DIGARC, Presence and Destiny One, the Modern Campus modern learner engagement platform enables innovative institutions to create a “learner to earner” lifecycle that engages modern learners for life. 

Delivering massive personalization, AI-driven recommendations and a modern e-commerce engine, Modern Campus creates a student-first digital experience and removes silos across campus. Everyone across the institution—including presidents and provosts, marketing and IT teams, admissions, registrars, student affairs and CE divisions—can partner to attract, enroll, empower, retain, credential and re-engage students with pathways for lifelong learning. 

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