Practical Guide to Personalization

How to Deliver a Digital Experience That Attracts and Converts Modern Learners

Unlock your institution’s potential.




Effective website personalization impacts every phase of the recruitment process, allowing you to identify quality prospects earlier in the recruitment process and move them to conversion or enrollment faster and more efficiently. 

 In our Practical Guide to Personalization: How to Deliver a Digital Experience That Attracts and Converts Modern Learners, we’ll show you how to use website personalization to attract, enroll and engage students in a way that builds meaningful connection with your institution. 

Practical Guide to Personalization

You’ll learn: 

  • Four pointers for website personalization in higher ed to get you started. 
  • Ways to ATTRACT prospective students using website personalization for higher ed. 
  • Website personalization tips to transform prospects into ENROLLED students. 
  • Website personalization strategies for ENGAGING students.

It's time to get serious about modernizing your digital strategy for student engagement. Download the guide now and get access to examples for website personalization that you can implement today! 

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