Modern Campus Leadership


Brian Kibby, CEO of Modern Campus

Brian Kibby | Chief Executive Officer

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Peter DeVries

Peter DeVries | President & Chief Operating Officer

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Rick Bakewell

Rick Bakewell | Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Phinn

Jessica Phinn | Chief People Officer

Mark Triest, CRO of Modern Campus

Mark Triest | Chief Business Officer

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Reuben Pressman, Chief Product Officer

Reuben Pressman | Chief Product Officer

Holly Kickliter, Chief Customer Success Officer

Holly Kickliter | Chief Customer Success Officer

Sharon Shwarzmiller, Vice President, Solutions Marketing

Sharon Shwarzmiller | Senior Vice President of Marketing


Yves Lempereur, Chief Product Architect at Modern Campus

Yves Lempereur | Chief Product Architect

Wai-Kau Lo, Chief Architect, Destiny One at Modern Campus

Wai-Kau Lo | Chief Architect

Matthew White, VP Customer Success of Modern Campus

Matthew White | Vice President, Customer Success


Chad Rowe | Vice President, Product

Jeremy Fleming, VP Professional Services at Modern Campus

Jeremy Fleming | Vice President, Professional Services

Adam Douglas, VP Research and Development of Modern Campus

Adam Douglas | Vice President, Research & Development

Cindy Sullivan

Cindy Sullivan | Vice President, Sales

David Cashwell – Vice President of Sales

David Cashwell | Vice President, Sales

Andy Gould, Vice President of Product Strategy

Andy Gould | Vice President, Product Strategy

Keith Renneker

Keith Renneker | Vice President, Sales

Kimberly Prieto | Senior Director of Product Management at Modern Campus

Kimberly Prieto | Vice President, Product

Amrit Ahluwalia – Director of Strategic Insights

Amrit Ahluwalia | Senior Director, Strategic Insights

Marcel Ayers – Director, Web Development at Modern Campus

Marcel Ayers | Director, Web Development

Luke Burton, Director of Demand Generation

Luke Burton | Director, Demand Generation

Nick Catto

Nick Catto | Design Director

Deep Chana – Director, Program Management & Project Delivery

Deep Chana | Director, Program Management & Project Delivery

Tanner Cookson

Tanner Cookson | Director, Business Development

A.J. Guedouar, Director of Campus Development

A.J. Guedouar | Director, Campus Development

Meghan Hakey, Director of Field Enablement

Meghan Hakey | Director, Product Marketing & Field Engagement


Timothy Hayes | Director, DevOps

Mike Janofsky, Director of Product Management

Mike Janofsky | Director, Product Management

Amrit Ahluwalia – Editor in Chief, The EvoLLLution

Hoan Luong | Director, Development

Cynthia Mak – Director, Development at Modern Campus

Cynthia Mak | Director, DevOps

Christian Nightingale I Program Director, Omni CMS Professional Services

Christian Nightingale I Program Director, Professional Services

Jennifer Ochs – Director, Accounting & Finance at Modern Campus

Jennifer Ochs | Director, Accounting & Finance

Micah Roark – Director, Information Technology at Modern Campus

Micah Roark | Director, Information Technology

Shawn Robinson

Shawn Robinson | Director, Development & Integrations

Jessica Sanchez-Molina, Director of Client Services

Jessica Sanchez-Molina | Director, Client Services

Ben Shabaz

Benipal Shahbaz | Director, Software Engineering

Prashant Singh – Director of Account Management at Modern Campus

Prashant Singh | Director, Account Management


Alok Somani | Principal Software Developer

Casey Tedrow, Director of Solutions Consulting

Casey Tedrow | Director, Solutions Consulting


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