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How Students Plan for College: Key Insights from a 2022 Survey

Before you design your strategy to attract and convert your prospective students, you want to understand what they think of higher education and how they plan for college or university.  

Modern Campus in partnership with Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) conducted research on high school students across the United States to understand the expectations, questions and doubts they face when preparing for college—and how these factors influence their decision to choose a college. 

The report explores how early high school students start thinking about college, and how far they’re willing to travel for higher education. The study found that college and university websites are students’ primary sources for research. 

This infographic highlights the key stats from the study that can help you design your strategy to reach out to these students.  infographic-how-students-plan-college

Want to Exceed Your Prospective Students’ Expectations? 

This study Serving the Virtual Consumer: Exceeding High School Student Expectations in 2022 provides insight into what high school students expect from colleges, and sheds light on how colleges and universities can help prospective students see the value of enrolling at their institutions. To view all the insightful findings and learn how you can leverage the insights to tailor your marketing and communications mix to be responsive to learner and parent expectations, download the report here! 


Serving the Virtual Consumer

Exceeding High School Student Expectations in 2022

Download the report

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Last updated: September 13, 2022


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