Streamline and Personalize Student Registration


Provide non-traditional learners with self-service tools to register, join waitlists or be reminded about a course later.

Destiny One is a cloud-based customer lifecycle management software solution made specifically for higher ed administrators serving non-traditional students. It is crafted from the ground up for how you work and who you serve.

Destiny One manages all aspects of the learner lifecycle, allowing you to unite, understand, and control all areas of your business at once. It integrates with main-campus systems, engages students with an Amazon-like experience, optimizes staff efficiency, and provides business intelligence empowering data-driven decisions.

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Destiny One’s ability to offer an “Amazon” experience really was the stand-out. The student experience—giving them the intuitive, seamless online registration process that they rightly expect—was our number-one consideration.

Mark MrozinskiAssistant Vice President of Workforce Development and Executive Dean of Community Education, Harper College

Simplify Registration and Improve Decision-Making



Improve the Registration Experience

Let learners apply discount coupons and gain full visibility into program costs


Enroll Learners in Bulk

Leverage group checkout options to register a block of learners in one go


Generate Insights

Use dashboards and visualizations to see trends and make informed decisions


Make It Easy for Learners to Engage, Apply and Pay


Give your prospects easy-to-use tools so they can ask to be reminded about a course when it opens for enrollment, tell a friend, or join the waitlist.

Create customized applications that your learners can fill out and submit—entirely online. Not only is this convenient for the learners, but it means your staff no longer have to chase paperwork and manually re-enter information.

Let your learners pay however they want by supporting credit cards, checks, bank debit, invoicing and more. Destiny One also makes it easy for conference registrants, corporations, and parents to register multiple learners at once.

My favorite thing is that it has allowed us to automate a lot of things that we used to do manually or on paper. For example, allowing students to use discounts when enrolling online or enforcing that only certain students can enroll in a class.

Robin SeaseBusiness Analyst, UC Berkley Extension


Use data to make the right business decisions.


Simplify Decision-Making With the Right Data

Understand financial impact

Quickly identify which courses, programs, certificates, sections and conferences have generated the most enrollments and which have generated the most revenue so that you can focus on those with the largest impact.

Plan for peak activity
Understand at a glance which times of the year—and even which days of the week—tend to have high or low enrollment volumes. Far from “overly granular,” this visual heat map makes a huge difference when it comes to staffing decisions, setting application open dates, defining and assessing marketing strategy and making other key management choices.

Leverage historical data
Compare current enrollment to other historical sections of the same course so your staff can forecast and understand performance relative to previous years to determine how and when to market the course, how to allocate space, whether it should be cancelled for low enrollment, whether more sections are needed, and much more.

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