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Colleges and universities in Texas can leverage Modern Campus to scale workforce and continuing education, and deliver results for their communities

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Modern Campus in Texas

Grow Your Top Line, Secure Your Bottom Line with Modern Campus


At colleges and universities across Texas, continuing and workforce education divisions have a significant opportunity to expand service for their communities while also generating return for their institutions.

This means bringing more learners through the door, while also making sure you’re managing your budget and staff effectively. 

Modern Campus Destiny One, the leading SIS for non-traditional education, creates new revenue streams for continuing education or workforce development institutions, while attracting learners at different life stages and delivering a cohesive lifelong learning environment tailored to each student. It simplifies the management of your workforce and professional education programming, while allowing you to deliver students the Amazon-like experience they expect across multiple touchpoints.

With Modern Campus Destiny One behind you, you can meet these goals and drive positive outcomes for your college, students and employers at the same time!

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Hear how leaders across Texas are expanding relationships with employers, students and faculties across their own campuses to achieve credential attainment and workforce development outcomes.

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Modern Campus Customers in Texas Include


Rice University is a Modern Campus customer. Texas State University is a Modern Campus customer. San Jacinto College is a Modern Campus customer. Southern Methodist University is a Modern Campus customer.


Meet Your Workforce Development Targets

How Destiny One Enables Colleges and Universities Across Texas to Scale Workforce Development Efforts

Meet Attainment Targets
Meet your workforce development attainment targets using Modern Campus Destiny One.

Certificates count when it comes to meeting the 60% attainment target outlined in 60x30TX. 

Modern Campus Destiny One supports your workforce development initiatives through:

  • Simplified certificate management that makes it easy to get workforce development programs to market quickly.
  • Capacity to develop and launch market-responsive microcredentials.
  • Badging to deliver both digital and paper credentials to students.
Simplify workforce development data collection using Modern Campus Destiny One.

Collecting information and documentation from busy adult learners can be difficult, but Destiny One reduces the strain. 

Modern Campus Destiny One supports your workforce development initiatives through:

  • Online application forms that allow students to input their own data.
  • Robust student profiles that highlight key characteristics and demographics.
  • Simplified content gathering and reporting.
Exceed workforce development learner expectations using Modern Campus Destiny One.

Students in Texas have lots of choice when picking the right program. The experience is key to standing out.

Modern Campus Destiny One supports your workforce development initiatives through:

  • Amazon-like experience that attracts and converts prospects into students.
  • Streamlined web experience that makes it easy to find the right program, based on career goals or credential needs.
  • Career pathways data, automatically drawing from BLS, connecting programming with career outcomes.

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60x30TX: Progress Check

In order to keep the economy humming, Texas has an attainment goal of 60% by 2030. That means 60% of adults between 25-34 need to earn a high-quality postsecondary credential (a certificate, a certification, or a degree) in less than a decade.

With Modern Campus, you can maximize the impact of your non-degree courses and programs—which you’ve already worked hard to create and polish—to meet this critical goal.


Current Attainment Rates

Texas statewide attainment rate of high-quality postsecondary credentials.


Austin, Texas attainment rate of high-quality postsecondary credentials.


San Antonio, Texas attainment rate of high-quality postsecondary credentials.

San Antonio (Bexar)

Houston, Texas attainment rate of high-quality postsecondary credentials.


El Paso, Texas attainment rate of high-quality postsecondary credentials.

El Paso

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas attainment rate of high-quality postsecondary credentials.

Dallas-Fort Worth


An Essential Resource for Workforce and Continuing Ed in Texas

Continuing and workforce education has historically been an afterthought for colleges and universities across the country. But in Texas, it’s critical for your divisions to get the resources and tools you need to deliver on your mission.

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The way Destiny One has connected with Banner, so that it’s seamless, makes the registration process easy. The ROI we get—the 30% of time that’s been gained back in each site office—enables us to work on other projects.

Sallie-Kay JanesAssociate Vice Chancellor for Continuing and Professional Development, San Jacinto College



Hear from Sallie-Kay Janes | Associate Vice Chancellor for Continuing and Professional Development, San Jacinto College.

Achieve Growth Without Breaking a Sweat

Learn how we can help you transform.

Grow Programs
San Jacinto College is a Modern Campus customer.

Stay ahead of market demand

Gain efficiency without sacrificing flexibility by uploading courses in bulk, using a template or starting from scratch.

Repurpose offerings

Serve different markets by offering the same course content in multiple delivery formats, locations, packages or price points, and manage it all from one place.


Stack programs with prerequisites

Create stackable offerings that allow students to advance their education without having to do lengthy prerequisite checks (because the system does it for you!).


Gain efficiencies with Modern Campus Destiny One.

Be “Student-First”

Business processes that put learners first save staff time. When students can self serve, staff aren’t bogged down by simple requests.

Allocate effort with business intelligence

With access to out-of-the-box reports and data visualizations, see which activities drive the most impact.


Leverage automation and workflows

Reduce the time staff spend on repetitive work, so they can focus on growing programs and engaging learners.



Provide clear career pathways for your students.

Show students clear ROI

Provide students the labor market data they need to justify their educational investment.

Offer the registration experience they expect

Leverage an optimized checkout with eCommerce best practices to offer students the Amazon-like registration experience they expect.

Help students find you

With automated web publishing and SEO optimization, staff only have to input course info once for it to be found everywhere.


Opportunities to Achieve the Attainment Goal

The structures are in place for Texas to meet its attainment target. 

There is money from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund dedicated to supporting students who need help to either continue or restart their pathway to credential attainment. And across the Lone Star State, 2.5 million Texans have some college experience but no credential.

Your continuing education or workforce development division can work within these lines to support education access and credential attainment.

With Destiny One, you can get programs off the ground and to market quickly so that you can address employer demands and help close the skills gap. What’s more, by leveraging our Career Pathways tools, you can help prospective students see the labor market ROI of the courses and programs you offer right from the website.

Once they’re interested, leverage Destiny One’s market leading registration engine to bring students through the enrollment funnel and get them registered. 

Not only does this drive the state toward its attainment goal: this activity can have a big impact on your top line revenue.

Destiny One clients see an average five-year revenue increase of 19%.

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Modern Campus Customers See Results Daily



Attracting and Engaging Students at Rice University's Glasscock School

Learn how the Glasscock School is maximizing the value of the tech stack through key integrations with Destiny One.

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Destiny One helps us expand and improve our student experience; we don’t have to manually patch things together to try to make it work.

Kara EldersveldDirector of Marketing and Enrollment Strategy at the Glasscock School of Continuing Studies, Rice University

We are very focused on meeting labor market needs in our area. We have to invest in technology to meet industry need and track what we're doing in that talent development pipeline.

Sammi MorrillAssociate Vice Chancellor of Operations, Economic and Workforce Development, Alamo Colleges District



Upskilling and Reskilling Central to Strengthening Texas’ Workforce

Learn how three institutions are transforming the labor force in Texas with workforce development technology..

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19% average annual revenue increase

Average annual revenue increase for Modern Campus Destiny One customers stemming from automated shopping cart recovery features.

Download our whitepaper to learn how Destiny One’s optimized checkout can transform your website into an enrollment engine.

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