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As part of UW Shared Services’ search for a comprehensive online continuing education registration system that includes maintenance and support, we are pleased Destiny One was selected through a common agreement to provide a streamlined procurement process for all UW campuses.


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Tailor-Made for Higher Education

Destiny One is a cloud-based customer lifecycle management software solution made specifically for higher education administrators serving nontraditional students. It is crafted from the ground up for how you work and who you serve. Destiny One manages all aspects of the learner lifecycle, allowing you to unite, understand, and control all areas of your business at once. It integrates with main-campus systems, engages students with an Amazon-like experience, optimizes staff efficiency, and provides business intelligence empowering data-driven decisions.

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Manage the Entire Non-Traditional Learner Lifecycle



Improve Student Experience

Apply eCommerce best-practices and provide your students with a rich experience


Integrate with Main Campus Systems

Enable a seamless flow of student information across the entire ecosystem


Gain Useful Insights

Leverage dashboards and visualizations to see trends and make informed decisions


Create a Customer Experience that Stands Out from Your Competition

One-third of learners have been negatively impacted by poor administrative experiences. With so many learning options to choose from, it takes a market-leading shopping and customer experience for you to stand out above the crowd.

Destiny One offers an Amazon-like mobile-friendly website that lets students find the information they want and enroll anywhere, on any device. Better yet, when prospects leave the site before checking out, Destiny One saves their cart and automatically sends an email prompting them to return to the site to finish their purchase.

Destiny One lets learners manage many administrative tasks independently through the self-service portal. But, when they need staff attention, customer service workflows automatically route the request to the right person, so the learner can get the information they need right away and staff don’t have to waste time with back-and-forth.

With Destiny One, it is a huge benefit to us to find one single system that lifts the administrative burden off our staff and allows our customers to own their learning experience.

Kristy DavisAssociate Director of Academic Support Resources-IT, University of Minnesota


Destiny One helps you serve students for a lifetime.

Seamlessly Integrate into the Larger Campus Computing Infrastructure

Destiny One often replaces many other systems, but it also fits neatly into the larger IT eco-system. The Destiny Connect Framework consists of a number of integration capabilities that give your staff and learners a seamless user experience by ensuring that data flows across all platforms.

By syncing contact, enrollment, and financial data between platforms, you can optimize your marketing efforts, have one up-to-date system of record, and provide top-notch customer service.


Interact with Real-Time Dashboards

It can be hard to derive meaning from endless numbers and tables. Instead, visualize trends and interact with data to make contextual business decisions.

Destiny One Dashboards, powered by Tableau®, are engaging and powerful data visualizations that will allow you to see trends and operate your business with data-driven intelligence.

Higher education institutions are always gathering data, but often suffer from data overload. Destiny One Dashboards empowers you to leverage data in a user-friendly and actionable way.

In our first full year with the system, which was last year, our revenue was $9.6 million. This year, we’re on target for over 30 percent growth and fully anticipate $12 million in revenue.

Nicole WestrickAssociate Vice Provost, Temple University

Destiny One Dashboards

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