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How a public land-grant research university leverages Modern Campus Lifelong Learning to provide learners a modern and seamless student experience

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Technology is changing quickly and it’s now a requirement to stay competitive in meeting people where they are. How we do things now will change, so it’s important for us to adapt quickly. Modern Campus Lifelong Learning helps us keep pace with societal changes.

Brian Davis | Director of Business Technology, LSU OCE


The Challenge

LSU OCE recognized the need for an enhanced onboarding student experience. Although their website boasted a sleek and modern design, their existing registration system fell short in terms of contemporary functionality. Students were seeking an e-Commerce experience that aligned with their daily digital interactions.

When anyone has a shopping experience, they expect that same experience anywhere—one that’s intuitive. That same expectation people have outside higher ed applies to us, there is no difference.

Brian Davis

The Solution

LSU Online & Continuing Education sought a registration system that seamlessly catered to the needs of their students, enabling a smooth process for browsing and enrolling in a diverse range of courses, including both credit and non-credit options.

To fulfill this vision, LSU OCE turned to Modern Campus’ Lifelong Learning, a solution that perfectly aligned with their objectives and yielded tangible improvements. With Lifelong Learning's user-friendly interface, students now enjoy a convenient one-stop shopping cart experience, empowering them to effortlessly view courses, add them to their cart, and smoothly complete the registration process, regardless of the type of course they are pursuing.

We have full control to customize whatever we need to create a cohesive experience for learners.

Brian Davis

The Results

Seamless Student Experience

Students are now able to come to the LSU OCE website, find the information they need in one location, and register with just a couple of clicks. The easy navigation and intuitive way content is organized, students enroll at LSU OCE with an e-commerce experience they expect in their everyday lives.   

We’ve been able to put in a lot of customizations in and configure Lifelong Learning to make the student onboarding experience easier and quicker.

Brian Davis

Increased Staff Efficiency

Continuing Education staff at LSU OCE has leveraged Modern Campus Lifelong Learning to achieve increased efficiency, enabling them to allocate more resources towards unit growth. Previously, a process that would take a week to integrate into the old system can now be accomplished within a few hours using Lifelong Learning.
“I always hear about how easier things are for staff and how much more efficient the team is. They’re able to focus on more of the strategy in their business instead of the day-to-day grind," Davis said. 

According to Davis, the efficiencies gained have been immediately apparent. They’re able to quickly review registration information for duplicates, import cohort information, register students for courses where needed and ensure those students are appropriately provisioned and supported without significant manual effort.  

It’s a system you buy that’s pretty extensive. It gives our non-technical staff a way to make changes as if they’re a development team.

Brian Davis

Streamlined Enrollment Funnel with Salesforce Connector

Salesforce is a critical tool for many institutions, and it was no different for LSU. They’re able to keep their system of records up to date using the Lifelong Learning Salesforce Connector and empower their department to stay efficient.

"Salesforce is the center of what we do. It’s the lifeblood of the department. If we didn’t have the connector, it would triple our staff’s workload," Davis said. 

The Salesforce Connector has become a powerful tool that exchanges student and contact information accurately and efficiently between Lifelong Learning and Salesforce.  

Final Words

Technology is changing quickly and it’s now a requirement to stay competitive in meeting people where they are. How we do things now will change, so it’s important for us to adapt quickly. Lifelong Learning helps us keep pace with societal changes.

Brian Davis


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