Manhattanville College Engaged 98% of First-Year Students Using Involve's Co-Curricular Platform

How a small, private college leverages Modern Campus Involve to promote deeper learning, involve more students in campus life and promote workforce readiness

Through Modern Campus Involve, students are now seeing how everything on campus is amounting to something bigger. They understand how their co-curricular involvement connects to their internship or their job. It allows us to really help students become better-informed citizens and participants in a global society.

Alex BarkleyDirector, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

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in this case study: Alex Barkley- Former Director, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

The Challenge

Without a centralization platform, students didn't know how to get involved on campus


Like many college students, Manhattanville learners are a spirited bunch, boasting a range of interests and an eagerness for putting ideas into action. Yet, they lacked a path forward. They didn’t know where to head on campus, whom to speak with, or what websites to visit to unearth opportunities that would excite them.

There was a major communication issue wherein students didn’t know where they could find the information they needed. And our professional staff didn’t often know what was happening either. Venues were getting double-booked and plans were getting lost. It was all very murky.” – Alex Barkley

All this murkiness also meant that the benefits of co-curricular involvement were hidden from everyone’s view. Student took pride in their clubs and events, but they didn’t know how to convince their peers — beyond insisting “trust me; it’ll be fun!”


The Solution

Manhattanville's branded web portal, powered by Involve, makes engagement easy, personal and rewarding


By implementing Modern Campus Involve, Manhattanville is about to personalize student engagement pathways. Starting at orientation, they direct each student toward co-curricular opportunities that support workforce-ready skills in line with each student's career interests. 

We’ve really closed the loop on how orientation transitions students into college and how their experiences in college transition them into career readiness. Modern Campus Involve — both the software and the wonderful team behind it — positively challenge us to emphasize core skills and competencies, and help us gamify pathways for student attainment.

Alex Barkley

Involve's gamification tools are key to Manhattanville's success. Students are awarded points for each experience, which allows them to visualize their progress toward tangible goals. The result? Over 70% of students attended at least one event during the first six weeks of the semester, up from 57% previously.

It’s substantially improved my work efficiency overall. I would not have made it through my first several months as a new director if it was not for how efficient I’ve been able to become because of Involve.

Alex Barkley

Simplifying processes has also motivated more student leaders to plan events. They planned a whopping 45% more events than in the previous semester!


Manhattanville College's Favorite Features

Above-and-Beyond Customer Support

Comprehensive Event Registration Forms

Customizable Co-Curricular Frameworks

Our Customer Success team is a collaborative partner, truly invested in your success—from initial training to ongoing consultation. Say goodbye to dozens of forms for each event… and hello to just one, highly customizable form that can do it all. 

Guide students (and yourself) towards clear co-curricular competencies that tie into workforce-ready skills.

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