Tulsa Community College Tripled Student Engagement While Unifying Its Campuses

How a two-year, multi-campus college leverages Modern Campus Presence to reduce barriers to engagement

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The Challenge
Four campuses with four cultures—and an inconsistent student experience

Creating a seamless student experience at a college with just one campus can be challenging. Trying to create a seamless experience when you have four campuses to factor in? That can feel monumentally difficult. Each campus has its own unique identity, demographics, and often, entirely different staffing configurations.

This is where Tulsa Community College found itself when the institution was developing its 2016- 2020 strategic plan. At the time, each campus had its own systems and its own student affairs staff.  The divided set-up was difficult for staff members, and because students tend to take classes at more than one of TCC’s four campuses, they experienced inconsistent processes—which made student engagement difficult. Students didn't know how to get involved and weren't shown the benefits of doing so.


The Solution & Results

Consistent processes break down barriers to engagement and drive retention

Partnerning with Modern Campus Presence in 2016 was a huge step along TCC's goal of creating a unified student experience. With their Presence-powered student portal, students now have one simple, personalized digital space to visit for all of their engagement needs. 

Between the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic years, the number of students who attended campus events increased by 198%. In other words, student engagement tripled! What's more between 2016 and 2017, the retention rate of underrepresented students increased 6.5 percentage points.

Robust data anayltics drive decision-making.

The TCC Division of Student Affairs & Equity loves that Presence automatically collects data, enabling leadership to understand how students are being engaged across campuses. Presence’s filtering abilities allow them to easily compare results to learn what programs and intiatives been successful
and what can be improved.

I love, love, love that Presence integrates with Banner so that we can capture student information. I also love the fact that, from a multi-campus perspective, we can put, for example, the success fairs from each campus next to each other and compare. We can learn that, on one campus, most people attended during a particular hour, but on another campus, that peak hour was different. It’s super helpful to be able to compare that information side-by-side.”

Jennifer BeatieDean of Students


Tulsa Community College's Favorite Features

Seamless Intergration with SIS

Side-by-side Analytics

User-Friendly Interface

Data collected syncs with SIS data live, creating powerful analytics that help you measure and understand student involvement.

Compare statistics from similar events at different campuses with the touch of a button.

No matter they tech know-how, students and staff alike can level up their engagement, connection and productivity.

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