The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Hit Its Highest Retention Rate in 15 Years

How a top-ranked university uses Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum to reduce course & curriculum proposals time by more than half

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in this case study: Dr. Leslie Zenk, Assistant Provost

Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum have been a huge component in the Graduation Initiative’s success. Since the campus-wide rollout, positive reviews have been received from advisers and faculty about the simplicity of catalog production with Modern Campus Catalog and the reduced time course and curriculum proposals take using Modern Campus Curriculum.

Dr. Leslie Zenk

The Challenge

A non-intuitive catalog was frustrating students and concerning faculty  

UNC Charlotte’s catalog wasn’t searchable or optimized for mobile devices, and publication and maintenance were incredibly time intensive. Students and faculty found the experience clunky, frustrating and disappointing. Administrators were concerned about how these processes would negatively affect UNC Charlotte’s growth and reputation. As a stakeholder of the Graduation Initiative, Dr. Zenk said meeting the university’s goals would require a complete overhaul of its curriculum and catalog management processes.  

The course catalog was essentially managed and produced in MS Word, then converted to PDF format and finally copied to a web-based version.

Dr. Leslie Zenk

The Solution & Result

A fully digital and easily navigable catalog and curriculum

It was clear UNC Charlotte needed an electronic course approval system and a searchable, easy-to-publish academic catalog optimized for mobile devices and accessibility standards. At first, Dr. Zenk and Registrar, Chris Knauer, considered building the system in-house. But, like most universities, UNC Charlotte’s internal information technology services didn’t have the staff or time to take on such a project. They needed an expert that could deliver a turn-key solution to suit their needs. So, they turned to the market leader: Modern Campus. 

The Modern Campus team worked with the university staff to implement Modern Campus Catalog, a digital, interactive academic catalog solution and Curriculum, a web-based curriculum approval system for programs and courses. With Modern Campus Catalog they were able to standardize the course catalog so students can easily navigate it without downloading unwieldy PDF files. They can search for classes, compare majors and track curriculum requirements to stay on track for graduation. Dr. Zenk said Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum were key to making the Graduation Initiative a success.  

Impact of the solution, by the numbers



138 days

time course and curriculum proposals would take with the PDF catalogs


61 days

time they take after implementing Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum


77 days

time saved using Modern Campus Catalog and Curriculum

The Future

The future looks bright for this campus and their implementation of Modern Campus solutions – experiencing the highest undergraduate retention rate in 15 years and rising.

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