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Re-enroll Stop Outs

Introducing The Playbook for Stop-Outs — from Modern Campus Message (formerly known as Signal Vine).

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Higher Education Texting, Made Personal 

Conversational text messaging is a great way to engage prospective students and keep your current students on track with engaging communication.  Our premiere texting platform for higher education allows you to communicate and drive student engagement on a personal level, efficiently and effectively.

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Signal Vine - personalization feature

Personalize Student Outreach

Integrating your CRM or SIS data allows you to segment your audiences and build targeted communications to ensure that your messages hit the right mark at the right time. By sending messages that are tailored to each student, you can limit opt-out rates and improve response rates. Message is a preferred partner of Ellucian and Salesforce and can be found on the AppExchange.

Signal Vine - Schedule texts with a message calendar

Schedule Texts with a Message Calendar 

Use Message’s texting calendar to connect with students, manage everyday communications, coordinate campaigns and avoid sending recipients too many messages at once.


Signal Vine - Engage Community Partners

Automate Text Messages and Responses to Students

Manage your workload by scheduling and automating responses. Using chatbot functionality designed for higher education, you can respond to common student questions and replies about topics such as admissions and financial aid deadlines, registration, or requirements like GPA and course work.


Signal Vine - Streamline Workflows with Salesforce Integrations

Track Texting Responses and Engagement

Measure the success of your messages—including texting response rate and overall engagement—using Message’s superpowered analytics. Explore our case studies to learn how other institutions have successfully intergrated Message into their communication and engagement strategies.

Signal Vine - Track texting responses and engagement

Streamline Workflows with Salesforce Integrations

For institutions using Salesforce, Message enables messages to be sent directly from the Salesforce interface and to be tracked seamlessly in the Salesforce system. Alternatively, institutions may choose to use Message to integrate Salesforce data into their account and bidirectionally sync data between systems regularly.


A Student Engagement Solution

for the Entire Learner Lifecycle



Key Features for the Modern Administrator 


Multi-Media Messaging

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Today’s students expect SMS text messages from college and universities to go beyond plain text. Modern Campus Message enables institutions to send images, videos, links and GIFs. However you want to get your message out, we have the tools to do it.


Virtual Advisor

Consider our AI-powered Virtual Advisor your personal assistant. Use it to answer frequently-asked questions and provide responses in real time. This highly technical chatbot can accurately judge whether or not it understands the question and will only respond to messages it feels confident answering.


Response Sorting

Our Message Inbox automatically sorts incoming texts from students so you know what needs your attention. This allows you to prioritize students who need help fast, rather than spending time browsing messages that don't need a response.


Contact Management

Determine what data you want to use with your contacts, how you want it structured and how it's best incorporated with your CRM or SIS. With this in mind, your team can customize contact views to fit your needs.


Reporting and Analytics

Track student engagement, response rate and the overall effectiveness of your text messaging campaigns. You’ll know immediately what's working and what’s not across each touchpoint of the student experience.



Connect with your students, prospects, and alumni at each stage of their educational journey.

Explore the leading texting platform for higher education.

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