Destiny One Hosting & Security

Hosting: Simple, Secure, Scalable, Service-Obsessed

Free yourself of the hassles of maintaining an on-campus hosting structure and leave it to us.

Using the Amazon EC2 infrastructure, Destiny One offers full-service hosting including backup, redundancy and disaster recovery services.

Location, Location, Location

Where does all the data go? Data resides in the United States (or Canada for Canadian customers), in a regional data center selected for peak network performance according to your location.

Guaranteed Disaster Recovery

Reduce downtime and recover data easily in the event of a catastrophe

Reduce or eliminate downtime as a result of your hosting environment’s failure.

We take nothing for granted. Destiny One maintains a mirror image of your latest production installation in a separate physical data center that gets updated every time you update your Destiny One production environment. Your database backups are stored safely in the same place.

We also work with you to develop a Detailed Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist prior to implementation to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Secure Physical Infrastructure

Get built-in, end-to-end data security with Destiny One

The Destiny One hosting platform complies with the most rigorous security certifications, so every aspect of the data management cycle is safe.

As part of our overall hosting and security architecture, Amazon Web Services provides the infrastructure equivalent of a tier-4 or enterprise-level data center, which includes power management, physical access control, fire and water detection and suppression—and guarantees almost no downtime.

We maintain these gold-standard security certifications:

  • Destiny One is PCI PA-DSS v3.2 and PCI DSS Service Provider Level 2 v3.2 certified
  • Modern Campus is SOC-2 compliant
  • Our hosting platform, AWS, holds ISO 20071, 27017 and 27108 certifications

Taking Security Seriously

Work with a team of cybersecurity wonks

Destiny One hires Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) and developers with years of experience writing secure software, which means that security is embedded into our products from the first line of code.

From defensive programming techniques to OWASP-top 10 analysis, we employ industry best practices to create products, so we can focus on student success, not hackers.

You’re Always On, So We’re Always On

We don’t do downtime

Ensure maximum application availability, so students can enroll when they want and staff can work when they need to with Destiny One hosting.

We guarantee 99.95% uptime each month with our current annual average uptime running at 99.99% or higher. Destiny One’s reliability plus Amazon EC2’s fully redundant infrastructure ensures you’ll operate with minimal—or no—downtime.


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