Digital Credentials


Delivers the Micro-Credentials Today’s Learners and Employers Want



Increase in web traffic when sharing clickable credentials on social media.
Employers’ value of educational credentials in hiring. Up from 29% over the last five years.

Create, Manage, and Award Digital Credentials

Communicate outcomes, drive retention, and attract more learners.

Quick & Easy Digital Badges
Digital Badges Powered by Credly

Create & Issue Badges

Design, build out, assign and verify badges and microcredentials suitable for social media. Minimize staff effort and maximize learner value.

Help Learners Build their Brand

According to LinkedIn, individuals with digital credentials get viewed six times more than those without during the job hunt.

Promote Your Brand Through Learners

As learners post their clickable badges online, your institution gains a new marketing tool. Some institutions have seen increases of up to 15 times in web traffic to program pages from digital badges.

Generate Actionable Data

Never lose track of paper-based credentials. Get insights on how learners use digital badges and leverage this data to structure your future programs. 

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Custom Certificates through Blockchain

Manage Templates

Customize content and design of any types of certification and build your template.

Issue Digital Credentials Securely

In 2 clicks, issue custom certifications using secure  blockchain technology, making it forgery-proof.

Simplify Verification Process

It takes only 1 click to verify learner’s digital credential. Its unique URL can be re-used for multiple employers to check and validate.

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Destiny One Module Integration

Destiny One Connector Integration

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