Lifelong Learning Extended Education | Proctoring and Exam Scheduling


Centrally Manage the Exam and Proctor Scheduling Process


Automate administration to secure and streamline the exam process, minimizing staff time on repetitive administrative tasks and providing learners the flexibility they need.



Manage Exam Centers and Proctors

Ensure proctors and exam centers are properly selected and follow all institutional validation processes before making them available to students.


Serve Learners Effectively

Create student-centric processes that meet online and competency-based learners’ demands for self-service and flexibility.


Uphold Academic Integrity

Control and automate exam and proctoring management with a repeatable, trusted and auditable process that ensures academic standards remain high.

Give Learners Easy Self-Service and Flexible Assessment Options

Self-Service Tools

Give students 24/7 access to a mobile-friendly self-service portal so they can conveniently manage the exam process. Learners can create a schedule that meets the needs of their busy life and offers a central and secure way to interact with the school.

Worldwide Options

Lifelong Learning Extended Education lets you extend geographic reach by supporting exam centers and individual proctors anywhere in the world. It allows you to maintain academic integrity as you grow with a built-in process for learners in far-away locales to submit new proctors for approval.

Give Learners Easy Self-Service and Flexible Assessment Options


Reduce Manual Effort for Staff

Reduce Manual Effort for Staff

Automate Repeatable Processes

Exam scheduling software that lets you smoothly schedule and deliver more exams, in different ways with less staff effort using an automated process and system-generated notifications.

Lifelong Learning Extended Education leverages workflows to streamline processes that are traditionally labor intensive, including:

  • Notifying learners to sign up for exams
  • Delivering instructions to the proctor or exam center and to the student prior to the exam
  • Coordinating multiple exam center timetables
  • Approving new proctors and setting up new exam center locations


Create a Scalable Infrastructure

Leverage Business Intelligence

Improve exam process oversight and transparency with detailed reporting through the entire academic assessment process.

Identify New Markets

Use detailed reports on enrollment demographics for courses or sections to proactively establish new exam centers or local proctors.


Integrate Smoothly

Lifelong Learning Extended Education eliminates conflicting data and manual re-keying with integrations into your main campus SIS and any other campus systems.

Improve the Test-Taking Experience

Easily provision learners into online assessments delivered by your LMS or online proctoring partner so the entire test taking process feels seamless to learners.



Optimizing the Checkout Experience

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