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Secure and Hassle-Free Web Hosting with Modern Campus 


Experience worry-free web hosting with Modern Campus, designed specifically for public-facing websites built with Omni CMS. With features like DDoS and Web Application Firewall protection, you can rest easy knowing that your website is shielded from potential threats. Spend more time on managing your content and less time worrying about the security and protection of your online presence. 

Cloud-based Web Hosting Server





The Power of Modern Campus Web Hosting 

Dedicated DevOps Team

Constantly updated and monitored system infrastructure.

Dynamic Management

Dynamic capacity scaling to support surges and changes in traffic over time.

No Servers to Upgrade

Turnkey solution designed to host public-facing websites built with Omni CMS

Chart Showcasing Hosting Features

Multiple Data Centers

Services are load balanced across multiple data centers

24/7/365 Support

Around the clock support with a critical response phone line

Managed Security

Infrastructure security with OS patches and DDoS and Firewall protection via AWS.


Service Details


  • Linux Based Servers with PHP (currently 8.1) 
  • CPU and RAM scale based on performance needs 
  • 50 GB dedicated storage for website files* 
  • 6Mbps throughput* Metered at 95th percentile 

*Default service levels—other options available upon request

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