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Right content, right time. For every student


6 in 10 students say that, of all companies they engage with online, their college is the furthest behind in personalizing their experience.


Personalization by Modern Campus drives website visitor engagement and conversion by delivering "right for me" content throughout the enrollment funnel.


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“I want to be treated like a number,” said no student ever.

Students thrive on personal attention.

Knowing that, we’ve evolved Modern Campus Omni CMS with Personalization features, so you can provide that not-just-a-number feeling both on campus and online.

Students thrive on personal attention from your website.



Anonymous user personalization with Modern Campus.
Anonymous User Personalization

Display dynamic, personalized content based on a visitor’s location, website behavior and entries that welcomes them and provides information and calls to action that drive enrollment.

Light personalization using dynamic content with Modern Campus.
Light Personalization

No time for complex personalization campaigns? Modern Campus Personalization allows you to develop simple content blocks to display automatically when visitors trigger specific features.

Known user personalization with Modern Campus.
Known User Personalization

Get even more personal using data from your SIS or CRM. Present students with individualized content and calls to action based specifically on their enrollment status.

Personalization is driven by the Omni CMS.



Better Together: Modern Campus Pathways and Personalization

Help students take the next step

Present personalized information when students choose a Pathways-generated persona or objective.

Did someone self-identify as a transfer student? You can automatically display transfer-specific content to help that student enroll. 

Did the student indicate a desire to build their career, and they’ve been scrolling health-related pages? Trigger a call to action in the form of a pop-up that reads: “Request a call from our health career navigator.”

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Drive Career Outcomes

Modern Campus Career Pathways

Modern learners are focused on career outcomes. A student-first institution helps them find the way! Career Pathways brings labor-market data to the forefront so students can make informed choices.

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Extra Credit



Uplift in purchases across industries when personalized content is displayed



Users who get frustrated when content isn’t relevant to their interests



Consumers who don’t mind sharing personal information on a website if it’s for their benefit and is used responsibly


Massive Personalization and Career Pathways: The New Standard for Higher Ed

Learn how to revolutionize the student experience at your college or university with a personalized digital student engagement strategy using your most powerful tool—your website.

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