Track Student Involvement

Comprehensive assessment begins with measuring participation. By tracking student involvement with card swipe technology from Modern Campus, you can speed up event check-in and maximize data collection.


Track Involvement with Mobile Check-In Technology

Use smart devices to collect participant data in real-time
Track with CheckPoint

Data at Your Fingertips

Swipe and scan existing student ID cards via phones and tablets to create a extensive attendance collection network, powered by the Cloud and integrated with SIS data.

Track student access via our iOS and Android app, including:

  • Swiping Magnetic Strips
  • Check-in With a Tap
  • Scanning Barcodes
  • Laptop Card Swiping
  • Manual Entry with a Student ID Number or Email
  • Guest Check-In
  • Secure Event PINs

Track Virtual Engagement

Integrate with a Click
Integrate with a Click

No heavy lifting required! With just a few clicks, you can start tracking your virtual engagement through Zoom and Teams faster than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Embed Meeting Links

Simplify the joining process for your students by embedding your virtual meeting links directly in your event and program descriptions. Students can easily see which programs are hosted online and join with the click of a button.

Automated Tracking

Rest easy knowing that as soon as your students enter your virtual meeting, they're checked-in! No links to click or QR codes to scan, no lists to copy and paste. Instead, focus your attention on what really matters: Your students.

Assess Demographics

How are fourth-year students engaging with your virtual programming? Now you can find out! Our digital check-in system automatically pulls in student demographic data. So you can continue to use the sophisticated Modern Campus dashboards you've come to know and love.


Track Service Hours

Track Hours
Track Service Hours

Assign a time value to each service learning experience or event and use Checkpoint to check students in, making the tracking of hours as easy as 1 + 1 = 2.

Connect Learning to Outcomes

Incorporate service learning into your learning outcome framework by assigning skills and levels to each experience.

Build Community Relationships

Foster relationships with community partners by allowing them to submit off-campus service learning experiences to your campus portal for approval.


Maintain Digital Waivers

Fast & Reliable
Fast & Reliable Waivers

Use your institution-approved legal language, easily creating waivers with a simple title and content in seconds. We’ll grab a signature and format them for you, ready to download, or store online indefinitely.

Connected with Student Data

Waivers pop up once CheckPoint verifies enrollment. Students are prompted to sign with their finger as they check in, and only if they haven’t signed that version before. Easily search and view signed waivers by student.

Maintain Files

Keep signatures current. Modern Campus knows when you’ve made a change, tracks revisions, and prompts students to sign the latest version.


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