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Alumni are an institution's most loyal supporters and best fundraising prospects. Building a strong relationship with alumni, even before they become alumni, is critical to reaching fundraising goals and generating invaluable word-of-mouth marketing. Message’s alumni engagement solution reaches alumni where they are – on their phone – and makes it easy to connect with alumni in a personalized way that develops long lasting relationships.

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Create a higher education alumni engagement program that works

Engage alumni early in their careers

Engage alumni early in their careers, shortly after graduation, when they are most likely to feel connected to their alma mater.

Follow up on donation commitments

Manage donation commitments and giving with timely reminders and real-time updates on donation performance.

Generate immediate responses

Message alumni with timely information to generate an immediate response to local events, giving events or alumni chapters.



Alumni Engagement

Texting Examples

Engaging New Alumni
engaging new alumni

Create new alumni engagement programs when alumni are most excited. If you continue that relationship, they may give back to your institution.
managing donations

Make it easy for alumni to donate to their favorite campus programs and make it fun! Prompt alumni with timely reminders that have real-time information so you can generate responses and meet your fundraising goals.
managing local events

Text former students and create local alumni connections. Higher attendance at alumni events means more opportunities for you to fundraise.




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