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Dismantle the challenges of pursuing secondary education and improve student engagement with Modern Campus’s college access texting solution. Whether you work for a college access program, admissions office, or counseling department, our unique higher education texting platform can help you communicate effectively and reach your goals.

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Prepare students for success with the right college access messaging platform


Guide students through college applications

Lead students through the application process by breaking down complicated tasks, such as financial aid applications, and sending nudges when deadlines are approaching. When faced with a laundry list of application requirements and tight deadlines to turn everything in, students may throw up their hands and quit when applying to college. With Signal Vine, they have a persistent friend to help encourage them to keep going.

Retain students through the summer

Minimize “summer melt” and improve matriculation rates with text nudges that foster engagement both on and off campus. Use Signal Vine to flag at-risk students who need the most support and encouragement to return to school after a break, and send targeted communications to ensure that they make it to college.

Set students up for success

Respond to students when they need you the most. Direct specific groups of students to the right resources—such as financial aid guidance, enrollment checklists, and open office hours—so that they can confidently prepare for college. Identify when and which resources are needed, and send segmented text responses to satisfy those needs.



College Access

Texting Examples

College Applications
college applications

Send text nudges to students throughout their college application process, informing them about deadlines and admissions requirements, and answering any application questions that arise.
scholarship opportunities

Empower students to apply for scholarships that match their unique profiles. Direct students to scholarship advisors who can help answer their specific questions about scholarships.
post-graduation choice

Support and encourage high school graduates as they decide between colleges or pursue alternative opportunities. Send reminders about admissions deadlines, inquire about post-graduation plans, and answer questions about the college enrollment process. Stay connected to students throughout their post-graduation journeys, giving them individual support and guidance along the way.



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